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Exhibitions and Book Events

The 2017 Edition is coming!

25 – 27  August


Roots Exposed

Photographic Exhibition: SCRIBE PORTRAITS

Poet Jane De Sousa and Photographer Lynda Jennings


La Galleria 7 Bree Street


Friday to Sunday (between performances)

Two artists’ heart journeys reflected through their poetry and photographs. Poet Jane De Sousa and Photographer Lynda Jennings have explored the intersections between a poem’s wordscapes and a photo’s visualscapes. They have collaborated in reflecting on how their different artistic mediums merge and meld. They have explored how the wordscapes poem’s create in our imaginations can relate to visual images and how a visual image can inspire a poetic response. In working together, Lynda has created photographs in response to Jane’s poems and Jane has written poems in response to Lynda’s photographs. The poems and photographs reflect the heart journey of these two artists – from uncertain youth to adulthood with deep roots that yet allow their heart trees to bend and sway and dance in the winds of life.

Exhibition of hard copies of the photographs and poems, giving people the opportunity to explore and reflect on the interplay between the poetic and the visual.

Jane De Sousa

Jane De Sousa has always had a passion for poetry, but was “sensible” and did a BSc before abandoning the laboratory and following a career as an organisational and management consultant and trainer. She found her way back to poetry in 2016 after completing The Artist’s Way – a 12 week recovery programme for blocked artists. Since then she has been part of a poetry group mentored by Wendy Woodward and enjoying the process of finding her poetic voice. She has always been fascinated by the wordscapes poems create in our imaginations and how these relate to actual visual images. She has found the process of working with Lynda, who is a visual photographic artist, inspiring.

Lynda Jennings

Lynda Jennings grew up in the beautiful environment of Cape Town. Her interest in photography began when her parents gave her, her first camera, a Kodak instamatic, at the age of 8. She bought her first “good” SLR camera about 16 years ago and her passion for photography just exploded.  Her first endeavours were with film, before moving into the digital realm.  Digital photography brings with it the added fun and personal expression of image manipulation and enhancement.  It opened up a whole new dimension.  The collaboration with Jane for the poetry festival has been enriching and rewarding; stretching her imagination and photographic techniques.

Lisa Firer Design exhibition


Lisa Firer Design


Millstone Pottery


from 9am to 6pm from 25 to 27 August

Millstone Pottery has invited Lisa Firer Design to exhibit her latest range of tea-light holders during this year’s Poetry Festival. These tea-lights combine the use of text and texture with the translucency of porcelain clay and the magic of candle light. Fragments of poetry, sacred texts, ancient wisdom and favourite songs are embossed and imprinted into the hand-rolled slabs of clay used to create these magical holders.

Millstone Pottery’s unique wood-fired and salt-glazed work will also be on display. The exhibition is open from 9am to 6pm from 25 to 27 August. All work is for sale and entry is by donation.

Love before you. Love behind you. Love to your left. Love to your right. Love above you live below you. Love to all. Love to the universe.

Navajo Prayer.


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin


Don’t go outside the house to see the flowers. My friend, don’t bother with that excursion. Inside your body, there are flowers. One flower has a thousand petals. That will do for a place to sit… Poem by Kabir

Cheryl Traub Adler Exhibition

Paintings, Poetry & Postcards

[ ‘n hond se gedagte ]


Stillness Sanctuary


Saturday – 10 am – 4 pm and  Sunday – 9 am – 1 pm

You are invited to an exhibition of small paintings and poems at Stillness Sanctuary.  The walkabout will include meandering through the garden and spiraling through a labyrinth towards the view of the Krans Nature Reserve. All the while discovering artworks and poetry in unexpected places. The artist will describe her creative process pointing out the synonymous links between nature, writing, painting and the sensory.

Visitors will be invited to select, write and send a Poetry Postcard to a loved one.

The artwork will be on sale.

The proceeds will go to a community project in McGregor.

Cheryl Traub Adler is an artist, catalyst and teacher.

A graduate from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT who is fascinated by the intersection of all art forms including Painting, Photography, Installation, Land Art and Performance.

Trained as a Bridging Polarities through Art and Omega therapist, her focus is on the curative aspect of the creative process.

Her work as part of ‘The Persistence of Memory’ project relates to national memory as part of the Center for Curating the Archive.

This year the group exhibition, ‘What Art is For?’ at 196 Victoria, Woodstock, challenged the viewer to think about the true value of art.

Her continued studies include Medicine and the Arts, Humanizing Healthcare, The 21st Century Museum and Identity, Conflict and Public Space.

She has collaborated with the Spanish architectural collective, Basurama, Open City Project, Stories of Rain, the BlueBox project in Morocco and RoundaboutLx in Lisbon.

Currently her solo exhibition ‘Anologue’ at Alliance Francaise, Cape Town, is on show until the end of August.

You can also find her on social media.

Cheryl Traub Adler (@profileview) · Instagram photos and videos


Cheryl Traub Adler (@cheryltraubad) | Twitter

Edna Fourie Gallery


50 Voortrekker Street, McGregor

From the McGregor main road one steps into this ethereal, light-filled gallery. Here poems and paintings on the walls converse with each other, engaging the visitor in a richly layered experience.

Philip de Vos Exhibition

Details to come





Sê my is julle twee susters?

Hester van der Walt, Modjadji Books, 2019.

Twee vroue, een uit Nederland en die ander een uit die Vrystaatse Goudvelde ontmoet mekaar in ‘n hospitaalsaal in Bloemfontein. Vyftig jaar later vertel Hester die storie van hoe die lewe hulle gevorm het as verpleegsters, gemeenskapswerkers, bakkers en kunstenaars.

In this memoir she reflects on the key turning points in her life which forced her to cross cultural and ethnic borders in order to discover who she really is. These decisions took her from the Free State to District Six and Venda, to Holland and The United Kingdom, to the Heideveld and Hanover Park and finally to McGregor.

This humble story tells of the spiritual isolation of all “refugees” that leave the irreconsilables of “home”(whether it is a physical place or a belief system) and have to invent a way of being in the world. It also tells of the wonder of finding a companion on the road.


The Book Tent


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